1000 Erotic Works of Genius

1000 Erotic Works of Genius

Название:  1000 Erotic Works of Genius

Автор:  Hans-Jurgen Dopp, Joe A. Thomas, Victoria Charles

Год:  2008

ISBN:  978-1-84484-462-3

Издательство:  Parkstone Press

Описание:  This collection offers a wide range of works from the Antiquity to the twentieth century. This title will deal specifically with erotic pieces. Here are the most sensual and provocative masterworks which captured the feeling of an era and those that signalled the beginning of a new one. Most of these works were not immediately recognized for their genius, and others that were at first met with great resistance. All have stood the test of time and in their own ways contribute to the dialectic on what makes a painting, sculpture or object erotic, how notions of eroticism have changed, to what degree erotic art reflects reality, and to what degree it alters it. Taken together these works illuminate the changing preoccupations and insights of our ancestors and this work enables the reader to rediscover the world heritage of erotic art.

Язык:  Английский

Формат:  170x220

Количество страниц:  544

Возрастное ограничение:  18+