The Kiss: A Celebration of Love in Art

The Kiss: A Celebration of Love in Art

Название:  The Kiss: A Celebration of Love in Art

Автор:  Serge Bramly, Jean Coulon

Год:  2012

ISBN:  978-2-08-020098-3

Издательство:  Flammarion

Описание:  Over 130 of the greatest depictions of the kiss in art are accompanied by insightful commentary in this handsome volume. The depiction of the kiss has held special significance throughout the history of art, from classical antiquity to the present. A symbol of erotic passion or maternal love but equally of betrayal and death, the kiss represents one of the greatest legendary motifs. Spanning the ages and the globe, this volume explores the emphasis placed by certain cultures and artists on ''the meeting of lips.'' From Hayez's medieval kissers to Klimt's iconic symbolist painting, and from Ingres's Francesca and Paolo to Picasso's ethereal cubist couple, this book explains the passionate undertones of the world's greatest masterpieces. The evocative text is illustrated by works ranging from Hokusai to Cindy Sherman via Mary Cassat, Brancusi, and Lichtenstein.

Язык:  Английский

Формат:  215x280

Количество страниц:  256

Возрастное ограничение:  18+